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We specialize in providing contractors with specific financial management, accounting and tax needs of the construction industry. A few of the specialized services that we provide the construction industry are outlined below.

Our knowledge of the construction industry permits us to perform accounting and auditing for your firm's optimum profitability. The bonding agents and bankers who review your reports will obtain a clear understanding of your operations.  Financial statements that accurately and properly show your company's financial strength are especially important to your profitability.  Your financial statements determine whether you will be bonded, whether you can support your claims and change orders, whether you will meet government regulations, and whether you will get needed financing or refinancing.  As members of your advisory team, we'll work with you to prepare your financial statements and explain your financial condition to surety agents, bonding companies and lenders.  In addition, as experienced business advisors, we are qualified to advise you on sound organization structure and management goals.

Among our specialized services, we can:

•Review your internal reporting systems and controls to improve productivity and provide meaningful and timely management reports.
•Design accounting systems and computer systems for your unique needs.
•Perform management reviews.

It is vital for a construction company to have a good relationship with bonding agents and surety companies.  We can assist by introducing you to these professionals.  And after you have established a relationship with a bonding agent and surety, we can help you assemble winning presentation packages including both the detailed financial and operational information sureties demand today. 

We'll help you:

•Choose a bonding agent and surety that has experience with your size and type of contracts.
•Structure a program to increase your bonding capacity.
•Negotiate loans with your bank.
•Obtain credit references and trade references for your company.
•Prepare the cost records and financial statements that bonding organization typically require.

If you haven't already automated your operations, or if you are considering upgrading an existing system, you should be aware that a well-chosen and implemented automated system can improve your company's productivity dramatically. 

Today, computers can provide totally integrated systems for all types and sizes of contractors.  Estimating, scheduling and project management, job costing, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, inventory and general ledger are just some of the operations that are being computerized today.

We can help you analyze your microcomputer needs, and choose and install the right system for your company.  We also can provide training and ongoing support to your personnel who will be using the system.

Constant changes in tax law make it more important than ever for contractors to get tax planning advice throughout the year, not just at year end.  Tax planning is more important than simply filing the necessary forms at the right time.  We can examine your company’s specific needs and propose a tax strategy that will minimize or defer your tax liability and help you achieve your business objectives.

Among other tax planning services, we can offer you advice on:


•Developing comprehensive income tax management strategies.
•Interim and year-end tax projections.
•Income and estate tax planning for executives and business owners.
•Tax preparation.


You want to make your company highly profitable now, but you also want to ensure its future profitability.  We can help you with long-term planning.  By setting goals and action steps today, your future will be more secured.  For example, you will identify new businesses to enter and select future leaders and managers.  We have experience advising construction companies in the following areas:

•Strategic planning
•Operational reviews
•Executive compensation and fringe benefits
•Business continuation planning


Why should you choose our firm?  We offer you years of experience in the construction industry, as well as up-to-the-minute knowledge of tax and accounting issues.

Most importantly, we offer a commitment to your prosperity and sound financial future. Your construction company deserves the best financial advice available.  We are the innovative firm that will help you achieve your goals today – and in the future.


Accounting and Tax Needs for the Construction Industry

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